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20 October 2009
Another ‘food dye’ experiment – CARROT!...
I used the juicer attachment on the blender and juiced a half carrot I had in the fridge plus a dried half carrot I found ‘hiding’ in the fridge.  The dried piece didn’t make ANY juice, so I worked with perhaps a tablespoon or two of carrot juice. I decided to also use the dry carrot bits as well.
I used mordant-soaked paper left-over from yesterday, then soaked in juice and ‘pulp’ for 3 or 4 hours after boiling for a half hour – I like the paper texture when boiled, soft and fine.
Used glitters, flower petals, Wild Carrot fronds and Chinese-Star Jasmine flowers laminated.  The Jasmine flowers ‘bled’ as a soft yellow!
For something completely new for me – I laminated a thin sheet of the carrot paper-pulp with some of yesterday’s plain ‘beetroot paper’ from batch no. 2 – so on one side of the paper is ‘carrot’ and the reverse side is ‘off-white’!
I worked with the pulp REALLY wet on the drying cloth and laid the plain paper on top.  Sprayed with water, placed the screen over the top and rubbed with the back of a spoon on the mesh to fuse the two pieces together.  Works well with no apparent separating of the two laminated sheets.



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