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Red Carnation Hibiscus Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
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Red Carnation Hibiscus   Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
November 2009
This was a Dye experiment using Carnation Hibiscus flowers – quite a lovely small red flower, sometimes with a splash of white nearer the centre of the flower.
I wanted to see if there would be colour variations between the various “preserving” methods I use and fresh flowers.  I was amazed at the colour and the variation in colour that was achieved!
Once again I used the homemade sizing:- cornflour/rice flour/potato flour.  I’m quite happy with the results achieved with using it.
Batch no. 1:  
Fresh flowers boiled 1 hour with mordant paper (10%Alum/5%Cream of Tartar)
Left to sit overnight, then blended
Inclusions: Onionweed flowers, Periwinkle Flowers, burnt brittle alfoil
Batch no. 2: 
Fresh flowers blended with water, added paper (approx. equal VOLUME of mordanted paper to flowers) flowers blended to a dark crimson and turned dark purple/blue when paper added.
Sample sheet taken immediately – dried to green/blue.
Remaining blended mix left to sit in blender overnight – approx. 22 hours
Sample sheet dried to dark blue!
Inclusions: silver glitter
Batch no. 3: 
Frozen flowers – same process as batch no. 2
Pulp colour very similar in comparison with fresh flowers.
Inclusions:  small white flowers, dark blue and dark purple glitters.
Batch no. 4:          
                                                (dried petal)
Microwave-dried flowers – same process as batch 2 & 3
Though mix sat with Dandelion fluff and flowers in it
Extra Inclusions:  glitters in a gold base to tie in with the yellow of the Dandelion flower petals
Each batch has produced something a little different.  I like them all.

 Hibiscus rosa-sinensis                                                                               
General Information
Scientific name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Common name(s): Tropical Hibiscus, Chinese Hibiscus
Family: Malvaceae
Plant type: tree
Height: 7 to 12 feet                Spread: 6 to 10 feet
Plant habit: vase shape          Plant density: moderate
Growth rate: fast                   Texture: medium
This popular landscape shrub creates a bold effect with its medium-textured, glossy dark green leaves and vibrantly coloured, four to eight-inch-wide, showy flowers, produced throughout the year.  Cultivars are available with single or double flowers in shades of white, pink, red, yellow, peach, or orange, or combinations of these. Flowers are produced continuously in great abundance, making up for the fact that each flower will last only one or two days. Some selections have variegated foliage and appear to be covered with snow.
Uses: hedge; border; mass planting; specimen; container or above-ground planter; foundation; trained as a standard; espalier; accent; attracts butterflies; attracts hummingbirds


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