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Recycled Cardboard Packaging
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Sunday 20 September 2009
My mum and dad visited for a couple of night and, of course, mum and I talked craft, particularly her cards and my paper.  I gave her a sheet of each batch I’ve made this year – which she thought was wonderful.  Mum gave me 3 or 4 A4 sheets of card and paper that she’d bought – very nice of her too.  She also gave me some pieces of cardboard that had been the packaging from dad’s bike helmet – glossy black on the outside, brown paper on the inside, separated by corrugated card.  Mum thought I might use it in my card making, but I already have more than enough for that sort of thing.  I decided to ‘recycle’ it into paper!  Naturally!!!!
Spent an hour or so tearing the box apart – peeling off the gloss black and brown paper surfaces and then ripping it all down into small pieces.
From there I boiled it all for a couple of hours then blended it with some lavender leaves – about 4 handfuls of fresh stuff – and turned it into paper!
Turned out a sort of pale “café latte” colour.
1st batch:- 6 sheets – just as it was from the blender
2nd batch:- 6 sheets – added crumbled brittle alfoil from the fire pit, after it had been repeatedly burnt – also a little sprinkle of brown eye shadow
3rd batch:- 6 sheets – added dandelion fluff for a subtle texture.
  I’m rather pleased with it, actually!


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