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Beetroot Juice
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Beetroot Juice
Monday 19 October 2009
I’ve had a nice long break from making paper, though I spent the past 4 weeks collecting flowers and leaves – some to be used as “Inclusions”  others to see if they’d be suitable for dyeing – some flowers have been frozen, the rest microwaved dry.
2 or 3 days ago I opened a new tin of beetroot.  Instead of throwing the ‘juice’ away, I drained it into a container and added shredded paper and lint from the dryer.  Later I added small pieces of pink and white paper.
After soaking for 2 days I blended the mixture and pulled 6 sheets of paper, plus my sample piece.  I’m happy with the colour – it’s a strong pink, though I think I should have blended the pulp for longer.
Last night I made another batch of paper, using the coloured water from the vat, though this time I used paper that had been mordanted with Alum/Citric Acid. Pulled 10 sheets.  Some sheets were “embossed” with Wild Carrot Sprigs, others had flowers/petals pressed into one surface and yet others were laminated.  Some of the flowers and petals used ‘bled’ into the paper – I quite like the effect.  And as is quite normal, there has been some transference of previous coloured batches onto the wet pulp from the drying cloths.  Again I quite like the effect.
Added 2 x 2ml measures of Bi-carb soda to the blender to balance out the Mordant and the vinegar in the juice.  Achieved a Neutral Ph.
 The most noticeable difference
between Batch 1 & 2 – Colour!