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break in my paper diary for a moment...
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i talked to a lady at one of our local weekend markets today who makes her own paper!  i'm so excited to actually be able to TALK to someone who shares my interest in this fascinating craft.....my family are all very polite, but they just don't QUITE understand WHY i get so excited at times.  lol  they love me though, so they're patient!!

i'm still typing up my notes, though it's been a bit slow of late as i fell over and did a fair amount of soft tissue and ligament damage to both my arms, wrists and hands.  typing in an arm brace is EXTREMELY difficult!!  but things are improving slowly, the dr told me it'd take 6-8 weeks to heal, so i'm half-way there.

i'll keep working on my notes and posting them up for you to read - hopefully, somewhere, sometime, SOMEONE will actually find them helpful on their own paper journey.

on another note, i'd love to hear from anyone who makes their own papers or has an interest in natural dyeing....it gets a bit lonely talking to myself here at times  ;-)  i'd love to learn from you too.

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thankyou margie for taking the time to respond! i'm so pleased you're enjoying my posts and i really hope that they might give you some ideas for new dyeing sources for your silk. i've seen pics of shibori silk dyeing and the results are amazing!!

i'm recovering nicely from my fall, though it's definitely taking longer than i expected...or wanted! lol we have a new puppy, a 7 week old red cattle dog who is taking up a LOT of time and attention at the moment....and i'm loving every moment of it! i hope to find the time to type and post new entries from my paper diaries soon, and then, oh joy - perhaps i'll even have time to make more paper! i've been collecting more materials to 'play with' and see what colours i end up with - will keep you posted as i go ;-)

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