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tuesday's journey


i haven't forgotten you
"welcome" eeyore avatar
hello, i haven't forgotten about adding new material here, but since the fall i told you about, i've managed to fall over another two times!  so now i have quite a bit of damage done to the ligaments etc in my wrists/hands/ arms.  basically, i've got to slow down just a little - i need longer days to get through all the things i want done, lol.

in the meantime i've changed craft rooms and discovered that moths had eaten into the plastic ziplock bags of most of my dried flowers, so there went 3 years worth of collecting and drying.  i wasn't impressed to say the least. the only satisfaction i got out of the whole thing was throwing the bags onto the fire - moths, grubs and all!

 anyway, i will return with more notes - then hopefully i can get back to making paper and dyeing